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the delphi survey commenced august 2013 and closed on september 6, 2013. each round of the survey took approximately 2weeks to complete. round 1 was opened as a separate survey, completed october 2013, while round 3 closed january 2014. during this time, a total of 41 panellists completed round 1, and it is possible that more than one expert might have completed the survey for the same musculoskeletal condition, for example, as an educator. thus, we sought to retain a priori group consensus for each theme, rather than determining consensus on a predefined number of panellists and excluding panellists who did not agree. in this case, there were no panellists who believed that meditation practices for musculoskeletal conditions should be included, but who did not agree the theme of mindfulness should be included. thus, mindfulness practices were included in the delphi recommendations; however, this is an artefact of the methodological design of the survey. no opinions were solicited regarding the exclusion of meditation practices from the delphi recommendations. a final reporting of panellist comments pertaining to each theme can be seen in table 3.

of the 355 panellists invited to the round 1 survey, 89 (25%) responded to the invitation. of the 89 who responded to round 1, 46 (52%) completed round 2. similarly, 26% (14/55) of the panellists invited to round 2 responded to the invitation. of these 14, 4 (29%) completed round 3. thus, the survey response rate was 3% in round 1, 4% in round 2, and 3% in round 3. the response rate represents a smaller proportion of invited panellists compared to other delphi studies in musculoskeletal conditions, which reported response rates of 38%, 55%, and 76% [ 24 26 ]. the most common reason offered by panellists for non-response was a lack of time. 3d9ccd7d82


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