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Recepty Bento

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Recepty Bento

Elevate your everyday lunch with colorful bento lunches. Discover our bento recipes and lunch box ideas such as chicken meatball bento, honey soy sauce chicken bento, egg salad sandwich and more. They are perfect for school or work.

Japanese people do put a lot of effort into making good looking and delicious bento. If you have travelled Japan, you probably encountered many different kinds of bento boxes sold at supermarkets, bullet train stations, department stores and convenience stores. They are made so pretty and appetising.

A home-made bento box is no exception. Small portion of various dishes are packed in a container together with rice. It is meant to contain balanced foods and whoever is making a bento box does it wholeheartedly.

Some home-made bento boxes are works of art, with cartoon characters created using the ingredients in the bento boxes. They were initially made for school kids to try to make bento more interesting and to encourage children to eat food even if they may not be fond of it.

Note 2: I had a tiny plastic sauce bottle that snuggly fit in the corner of the bento box (see the top right photo above). I bought this at a Japanese grocery store. Similar small plastic bottles can also be purchased at Daiso. But you can use a small sealed plastic container instead.

Today, I used a double decker bentō-bako (lunch box) that I bought in Japan (see the photos above). There are so many different bento boxes sold at Stores in Japan and some Japanese people have collection of bento boxes! You can of course use a normal take out plastic boxes instead.

Traditionally, bento is meant to be eaten at room temperature without re-heating. Freshly cooked hot tonkatsu no doubt tastes wonderful. But even if tonkatsu is not hot at all, it tastes great when packed in a bento box with some other dishes.

Hi Sky, the tips are (1) easy flavoursome dish for a main, (2) utilise make-ahead dishes, (3) make use of rice seasoning to decorate the rice, and (4) avoid dishes with liquid.Teriyaki Chicken is easy to make. You can cook it for dinner and put aside for a bento to be packed next day. You can see the sample bento here. My Teriyaki Chicken bento has Dashimaki Tamago (rolled omelette), but you can pack halved boiled egg instead. Instead of Simmered konbu, you can blanch spinach and pack with a bit of soy sauce and bonito flakes if you have (see the recipe here).

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Här hittar du ett av våra läckra och lättlagade bento recept för barn och tonåringar. Alla recept är gjorda av mat som du kan hitta i nästan alla hushåll och är superenkla att tillaga.

Jóga bez limitů a omezení, meditace a relaxace, worklife balance, zdravý životní styl, tipy pro radostný ž vše v originálním českém časopise s duší JÓGA DNES: o józe, pohybu, kondici, zdraví, vztazích, filosofii a historii jógy s pohledem do současnosti. V každém časopisu naleznete chutné a zdravé recepty, tipy na vaření, cvičební sestavy, cestovatelské příběhy, tématické JD plány, relaxační a meditační techniky a mnoho dalšího inspirativního čtení. Vychází 6krát do roka.

Hi there, I just tried this recipe, and it's simple and delicious! Perfect for meal prepping as a busy college student-athlete. One question though, is the nutrition information just for the chickpea salad itself, or is it including the other parts of the bento boy (carrots, celery, grapes, etc.)

This Korean 'bento' dessert is a petite-sized dessert packaged in takeout boxes. We found that Korean cafes and bakeries first popularised it. They are known for their pretty delicacies and minimalist aesthetic.

Living up to its name, it is bento-sized. The most common Korean lunchbox cake size is 4 inches, weighing about 350 grams. However, they are also available in bi


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