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Where To Buy Jamis Bikes BETTER

Jamis Bicycles was based in Tallahassee, Florida, taking its name from founder Ron Jamis, and originating from distributor East Coast Cycles. It introduced the Earth Cruiser, a beach cruiser, in 1979. In 1980, it made the Boss Cruiser, featuring a double-diamond frame and a Cheeks saddle. Jamis sold its Boss Explorer comfort bicycle in 1981, combining the Boss Cruiser and early mountain bikes. In 1983, Jamis launched the Dakota, Jamis Lightfoot and Jamis Roughneck. The first Jamis Dakar in 1985 was a custom-built, race-ready bicycle from the factory. The Dakar is still sold, although revised.

where to buy jamis bikes

In 1988, Jamis introduced the Eclipse and Quest, their first road bikes. In 1991, Jamis introduced Coda and Tangier hybrid-style bikes with an upright seating position and 700c tires. Jamis sold the Dragon, its mountain bike, in 1993, featuring a fillet-welded, hand-polished tube frame, Rock Shox front suspension, XTR drivetrain and Ultegra Hubs. It made its first full-suspension bike in 1995.

The off-road Dragon and on-road Eclipse were the first American-made production bikes to have Reynolds 853 tubing on their frames. In 1998, Jamis made the Diablo, with a vacuum-resin, molded-carbon monocoque frame. Its Dakota mountain bike won the Bike of the Year Award from Mountain Biking.[citation needed] In 2000, Jamis won Bike of the Year again for bicycles under $800 with its Dakar Sport.[citation needed]

Today, Jamis Bikes is headed by Carine Joannou, President and CEO and available in over 52 countries. The illustrious brand sells bikes built for Mountain Riding, Road Cycling, Street Cycling, Adventure, for the Youth and Recreational purposes.

Jamis DXT is a Dual-Sport beefed up version of Allegro fitness bikes and meant for those who like to get access to more riding areas. The DXT hybrid suspension bikes are capable to take-on steeper hills and tough terrains. The bike comes with CST Dual sport tyres for faster sailing on paved and unpaved surfaces.

Jamis offers some of the best bikes in the business. We carry a full range of Jamis bicycles for gravel, adventure, trail, mountain, road and recreation. We feature the best in glass gravel/adventure bike the Jamis Renegade!

Born in the US in 1937, family-owned Jamis was born out of its passion for cycling which fuels its desire to bring the best bikes on the market to this day. Renowned for its style, value, and performance, Jamis has retained its market leadership over the years with its constant desire to innovate and evolve. With the perfect bike for nearly every rider, Jamis is committed to helping you tackle roads, mountains, and trails. Browse our wide range of Jamis road and mountain bikes available here at Go Outdoors!

Explore our massive array of Jamis bikes including a large selection of Jamis mountain bikes. Our range of Jamis mountain bikes emphasizes all-day performance, with quick and sure handling without being overly darty with the lightweight yet tough aluminium tubing, featuring over-sized & tapered tubing for increased frame stiffness. For those passionate about beating the challenge of the trails, we also have specialised Jamis trail bikes fitted with larger wheels for easy traversal over the most difficult of terrains. We also have a selection of Jamis road bikes offering a smooth riding experience. A large selection of our Jamis bikes is available on 0% finance.

When it comes to road bikes, there are two brands that always seem to be at the top of the list: Jamis and Giant. Both companies make high-quality bikes that are perfect for anyone looking to get into road cycling.

They offer a wide range of bikes for all types of riding, from casual to competitive. Giant bikes are known for being lightweight and easy to handle, making them a great choice for riders of all levels.

Their bikes are designed with a focus on comfort and performance, and they offer a wide range of options when it comes to suspension. Giant, on the other hand, is a relatively new player in the world of suspension technology.

The Axle Path on a Jamis bike is 17.25 inches, while the Axle Path on a Giant bike is 17.5 inches. Both brands offer bikes with similar Axle Paths, so it really comes down to personal preference when choosing between the two.

When it comes to cycling, Giant is a brand that is well-known and respected by many. Known for their quality bikes and equipment, Giant is a go-to choice for many cyclists, both amateur and professional.

Jamis has created an all new website for 2016, and it is up and running now! 2016 has brought us all a nice selection of ALL NEW models to choose from, in fact, this might be the best fleet of Jamis Bikes yet! I'll be updating this post frequently to highlight those new models... check back very soon. In the meantime, take a look around Jamis's new website. www.jamisbikes.comOne of the big emerging new bicycle categories is the Adventure Riding Category. Jamis has some great bikes to offer adventure riders. Adventure Bikes Keep on scrolling down to learn more about the hot new adventure bikes available. One of the new models is something like an adventure mountain bike, perfect for both trail riding and bike packing, named the Dragonslayer. The Dragonslayer has 650 Plus wheels. So, simply put, it's a 650B wheel with a 3" wide tire on a 45mm wide rim. The 650 Plus wheel measures out to be nearly the same outside diameter as a 29er wheel. But, there's a lot more volume in the 650 plus tire. So, this means you'll get the roll-over characteristics of the big 29er wheel, but you'll have way more volume in the tire for better traction and improved float over rough terrain. The end result is a mountain bike that basically rolls smoothly over every type of terrain. Adventure riders, bike packers and mountain bikers will ALL love this bike! Adventure Road Bikes are here! The adventure road bikes are going to be the most popular modern road bike in the near future. More people are looking for a road bike that can go just about anywhere. Pavement, gravel, rails-to-trails, and dirt roads. That's where the adventure road bikes go. No one wants to be riding on the shoulder of a paved road while motorists go screaming by while looking at their cell phones. We want to be out in nature. Safe. We want to ride through state parks and along streams and rivers. Peaceful. We want to be intoxicated by the landscape and forget about day to day troubles. Freedom. That is what adventure road bikes let us do. That is what adventure riding is all about. These new adventure road bikes have the capability of running large volume tires, with or without fenders, with or without rear racks. Adventure bikes have disc brakes for dependable all weather braking performance and improved stopping power and control. Race it, tour on it, gravel grind, or cyclocross with it. Do whatever you want.Renegade Expert - carbon adventure road bikeRenegade Exploit - steel adventure road bikeJamis Dragonslayer 650plus Adventure Mountain BikeJamis has also introduced a 26" fat bike this year, look for the Roughneck (pictured below)

The Jamis Hudson series is one of our favorite bicycles in the entire Jamis collection. The Hudson is all about riding comfortably in a relaxed riding position. The Hudson is considered a Sport Comfort bicycle. Sporty, but comfortable. Some comfort cruiser bikes are long, hard to turn, heavy and cumbersome. The Hudson is not like that at all. The Hudson is easy to pedal, easy to handle, it is not heavy and it even climbs reasonably well for a comfort bike. It would be an excellent choice for rail trail rides, or riding down the boardwalk at the beech, or leisurely rides around the neighborhood.The best thing about the Hudson is the pedal-forward design. The pedal forward design positions the bottom bracket further ahead of the rider. This allows the seat to be low enough to the ground so the rider can touch their feet to the ground while remaining seated, yet still achieve full leg extension while pedaling. This is such a popular feature of the Jamis Hudson. Most people interested in a Sport Comfort bicycle want to be able to touch their feet to the ground when they come to a stop. Unfortunately, on most bikes, that's just not possible; but with the Hudson, it is possible!The Hudson is available in a few varieties. It comes as a single-speed with a coaster brake, or as a 3-speed with a coaster brake, or as a multi-speed with a derailleur, or as a 7-speed with an internally geared hub, which is our favorite configuration. The internally geared hub is the easy to operate, has less maintenance, and provides ample range for most every rider. The Hudson Sport Deluxe, with the 7-speed internally geared hub, has been our second best selling model for three years here at Eddie's Bicycles and Hockey Equipment.Watch this short video from Jamis Bicycles on the Hudson Sport Comfort bicycle!The Jamis Hudson Sport Comfort BicycleThe Hudson Sport Deluxe is also one of Our Top Picks.Or, just click the link provided below to go to Jamis's website if you would like to learn more about the Jamis Hudson series.

The sweet spot for a starter bike like this used to be $500. Drop much lower, and you were stuck with outmoded or truly poorly made parts that might be hard to replace once they wear out; spend more, and you can get a nicer bike, with lighter components, but that defeats the purpose of a starter bike. However, many of the $500 bikes we looked at a few years back have gone up in price, some by as much as 35% as of the spring of 2021. We did still find some hybrids from reputable manufacturers that cost $500, but almost all of those had one or more deal-breaking problems. In fact, those dealbreakers are now appearing in bikes costing as much as $600.

Note: We do NOT ship anywhere; all products sold thru our web site are for local pickup only or for services provided on the MSU campus only. If our hours of operation don't work for your schedule we can arrange for after-hour pickups using combination key lock boxes. 041b061a72

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