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Sakara V1.3 VERIFIED

In update v1.3 (released on the 5th of August 2022), Skin Rarities were added to all shiny stands in game. Skin rarities affect the different rates at which shinies are obtainable, similarly to Cosmetics. The rates are:

Sakara v1.3

This is something that brands like Whole30 and Sakara realize, and have actively furthered in their marketing, especially on Instagram. Both Whole30 co-founder Hartwig and Sakara co-founder Tingle credit Instagram with organically helping propel their brands forward. Whole30 has 1.3 million followers on its accounts @whole30, @whole30recipes and @whole30approved combined, with over 2.4 million photos tagged with the hashtag #whole30 itself (up from 1 million in August 2015). Meanwhile, Sakara Life has over 85,000 followers on its account @sakaralife. 041b061a72

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