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Lion King Greek Audio 1080105: The Best Way to Enjoy This Classic Movie

the lion king: by the time the lion king was released in 1994, the power of cinema was at its peak. the films of that time were like their own world, says bermans character, mufasa. i grew up watching those movies, and for some reason, i feel like i was born to be in this. the reason i decided to write this book is that i think the world needs to read and see these stories, and i hope more people will experience the bond between these characters and their stories. disney is a great company to work for, and i think what walt disney did with the lion king is really remarkable. its just a great testament to his genius.

Lion King Greek Audio 1080105


the original 1982 movie was directed by sidney j. furie and stars roger allam, john hurt, ian mcshane, and james earl jones. i did the remake with jamie bell, and i had a lot of fun working on it. but i was also nervous, because the original is a cult classic. i had a lot of people who had worked on that movie in their lives and i had to make sure that i kept it as true to the original as i possibly could. but it was a fantastic challenge.

this is what the way forward looks like: a manned mission to mars (or other planet) will be successful, and a robotic mission to capture an asteroid will be successful. people will be working and living on mars. tourism, colonization and inter-planetary trade will be the norm. we will be the first to walk the planets.

producers jon favreau and kevin lima recruited hollywood vet screenwriter john august to write the script, taking inspiration from j.m. barrie s original novel. the script was written before the release of disney and pixars hit finding dory (2016), a film centering on a forgetful, though not amnesiac, fish. according to favreau, the film was intended as a fresh approach to the original the lion king. the original had a charming story of friendship between a lion, a warthog, and a meerkat. but the filmmakers felt it was time for a more contemporary version of the tale. the cast included animals from all over africa, drawing on local customs and traditions.

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