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the psp also suffered from a handful of poor releases, titles such as the silent hill collection and friday the 13th: the game managed to only provide an inferior experience to their ps2 counterparts, despite their release for psp having been delayed for many months for unknown reasons and having terrible reviews (the latter game especially, withmcu have provided the final cut edition for vita as a 4k upscale to make up for it but sadly its still one of the worst-looking games on the console).

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battling these issues alongside two similarly disappointing games in the form of final fantasy: the spirits within and pursuit force (ridge racer), the psp saw sales drop considerably towards the end of its lifespan. sony later set about investing in the handheld as they noticed the huge business that the system still had and with good reason. the ps2 had laid the groundwork for the ps3 (thus ensuring that the latter would not suffer from vita-like hardware restrictions) and the psp served as a sort of stop-gap between the two systems, which was often used by developers to release versions of ps2 games that would otherwise have seen a pc release but for various reasons couldnt make the jump to a home console.

the psps fate was also sealed by sony themselves as they announced the ps3, which swept all before it and left vita to struggle with the playstation portable as sony stopped even bothering to release games for it. not only that but the psp suffered from a number of issues. both the system's micro-cd drives and discs often locked up which led to delays, due to the cds failing to spin and record. the sd card slot proved to be a source of compatibility problems as well with some games relying upon it instead of the internal memory, such as the critically acclaimednier, even when the latter was available. the ps2 had proved a strong presence in the handheld market and sony had the golden opportunity to capitalise on that at the launch of the ps vita but instead, as a result of being out-gunned by both the playstation 3 and the xbox 360, they decided to sit on their hands and let sony fight it out between themselves.

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