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Mapa dels CU-XI actuals

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**FSX ONLY** PMDG DC-6 Last Version :D License Key WORK

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**FSX ONLY** PMDG DC-6 Last Version :D License Key WORK

It is true that the airplane has low overall lift but it can get quite a bit of speed out of its thrust and it climbs a bit more than most GA airplanes which is what is needed in a sport/freestyle airplane. Since it is so small it can fly fairly low and be quite maneuverable when flown that way. And since this airplane is a piston airplane it can fly very effectively at very low altitude. But with its all-glass nose, typical aircraft stability is often a bit of an issue for this airplane because of this and flying inside the envelope is difficult at slower speeds. Since I fly the plane inside the envelope more than 50% of the time, and don't use prop switches all that often on the airplane, and even then only at cruise speeds, then I've found it to be a very rewarding airplane to fly. It certainly isn't a speed demon and won't win any speed prizes but it will take you wherever you want to go. If you can fly around a race track you can fly the DC-6 and when you get tired of that you can just sit back in the cockpit and watch the scenery go by.

Simulation Accuracy: The PMDG DC-6 simulation model is very, very realistic. Yes, the DC-6's flight performance is simpified but even at its slower speeds and idle thrust it flies like a true piston engine aircraft. The terrain's are just right as are the airports. The landscape is amazing, especially in small towns and rural environments. The wind generators are great and give the skies a much more realistic wind pattern. The PMDG DC-6 simulation model simulates the feel of the cockpit, surrounding apron, communications and radio frequency for a real world experience. 3d9ccd7d82

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