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Smbios Version 2.5 Update [NEW]

The pre-installation option will be available on the game launcher itself. Players can download the new version from there, however, the game launcher itself will require a small update before that. The game will be still playable, even, when the pre-installation is still in the middle of completion. Players might experience network issues due to such a situation. A strong network connection is recommended or players can choose to wait, to let the update be completed before resuming playing.

Smbios Version 2.5 Update


Alternatively, players can also download the update from the login screen, there will be an option for Pre-Install Resource Package at the bottom left corner of the login screen.

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The Supermicro Update Manager UEFI version (SUM UEFI) is used to locally manage the system BIOS/BMC and update BIOS/BMC firmware image under EFI shell on X12/H12 and later platforms except H12 non-RoT systems.

By default, OpenCore only loads APFS drivers from macOS Big Sur and newer. If you are booting macOS Catalina or earlier, you may need to set a new minimum version/date.Not setting this can result in OpenCore not finding your macOS partition!

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