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Buy Vertical Blind Slats Only

I need some advice about vertical vinyl blinds for a screen door. Right now I'm missing 4 or 5 of the blinds. Should I buy replacements slats or a new set? When you buy them, will you they be cut to size by the store, or is this even an option? Looking for some general advice on how to proceed.

buy vertical blind slats only

Honestly, vertical blind sets are so relatively inexpensive that if you've lost/broken this many slats I would seriously consider replacing the entire vertical blind. There are blind sets available from HIW stores as cheaply as $20. Even if you don't want to actually replace the whole thing, a kit like this is cheap enough to justify cannibalizing it for spare parts, so you could buy a cheap kit with the same color slats as what you already have, and just throw away the rail assembly, keeping the slats in storage for when more slats break (and they will; it's a guarantee).

As far as I have ever been able to tell, replacement vertical blind slats are not sold individually. Being made of vinyl, they have to be stored flat during shipping or else they'll never hang right; this makes packaging, stocking and selling replacement slats a bulkier proposition than you might think. Then, they have to keep a selection of popular color schemes in stock long after that color or pattern has been discontinued (a vertical blind set can last years if not abused, but those slats eventually WILL break up at the attachment to the rail, or split along their length when accidentally folded in half). All to sell them for maybe a dollar a slat. It just isn't worth it to the manufacturer or retailer.

As far as cutting to length, the default height for a vertical blind installation is that of the standard doorway, 84" (7 feet). You very rarely see vertical blinds in windows (though it can happen) and so there's less requirement for customization. However, any HIW should be able to cut vertical blinds to length using much the same equipment they'd use for cutting window blinds (if not the same method). I doubt though that they could customize the width of a blind set; unlike horizontal blinds such as for windows, vertical blinds have that bar mounted along the entire rail with bearings on both ends. You can't just lop some of that rail off and still expect it to work.

The Henshaw vertical blinds are a luxurious range of designer vertical blinds with a subtle vertical pinstripe. Choose from a superb pallette of 10 stunning pastel colours. If that were not enough we are proud to introduce a co-ordinating range of roller blinds all at astonishingly low prices. Our Henshaw vertical blinds slats start from a staggering 0.51 buy now while this offer lasts.

Replacing your existing vertical blind slats could not be easier - all you need to do is determine if they are 89mm (3") or 127mm (5") wide and then measure the exact length of the vane from top edge to bottom edge. As a made to measure product we would recommend that a FREE fabric sample is always obtained before a purchase is made.

We are delighted to offer you an extensive fabric range of replacement vertical blind slats and parts which are ideal if your existing vertical blind rail is in good working condition but you want to change your louvres. Whether your existing blinds fabric has seen better days or you want to introduce a new colour or room style, replacement vertical blind slats are the cost effective way to refresh any window in the house. From kitchens to bathrooms, living rooms to bedrooms you will find something to suit any taste or environment.

We have an unrivalled range of vertical blind fabrics for you to choose from. Whether you need easy clean kitchen slats or a vibrant coloured flair fabric to brighten up your décor. Blackout slats are ideal to reduce glare in childrens bedrooms or to aid night workers sleep. PVC 100% Waterproof replacement vertical blind slats are not only perfect in areas of splash such as bathrooms and kitchens, they also offer a mould resistant barrier where condensation is present (a very common problem in conservatories). When it comes to plain replacement vertical blind slats, you will be spoilt for choice, not only for colour but also fabric density and texture requirements, every variant is catered for. Patterned vertical blind slats are equally respresented and we see many Customers having seasonal interchange between performance fabrics for darker, winter months and brighter, summer requirements.

Brackets for vertical blinds typically wrap around the front and back of the top of the headrail. Measure the width of the headrail where the bracket attaches. Then compare that measurement to the vertical blind brackets we carry.

Some vertical blinds are made to be self-aligning. If your blind is self-aligning, that feature can be activated by pulling the chain. Keep pulling, even past the point of ease. This will cause the headrail to realign. If your blinds are not self-aligning, this action will damage your blinds. If you are not sure if your blind is self-aligning then contact the manufacturer.

If the control wand is missing from your blind, check to make sure that there is a hook or eyelet sticking out from your blind that a wand can attach to. If that part is intact, you can simply replace the tilt wand.Sometimes, there is only a shaft or nub sticking out from your blinds, but no way to attach the wand. When that happens, the tilt mechanism needs to be replaced.

Many verticals are on patio doors near a heater vent. Dust and dirt can get inside the headrail causing difficulties when traversing. Spraying silicone spray on the inside edges of the headrail may solve this problem. Do not use WD-40 on your vertical blind headrail.

The pile of carpet can affect the traversing of vertical blinds. To correct this, you can remount your blinds higher up on the wall if they are mounted outside the window. For inside mount blinds, you can have the vanes cut to fit the window opening better.

Vertical blinds can open to stack on the left, on the right, in the middle, or split in the middle to stack evenly on both sides. If you want to change your vertical blind to a different draw type, hire a professional or purchase a new headrail that operates how you prefer.

To prevent this, draw your blinds open before opening the window. If the window is open, leave the blinds open as well. Some vertical blinds with fabric vanes have a chain and clip system at the bottom of the vanes that connects the vanes together. This chain and clip does not affect the overall functionality of the blind and is not required a component. When the vanes are chained together, it creates a sail effect so that all of the vanes will be moving together rather than just a few. There is no chain and clip system for plastic, vinyl or PVC vanes. 041b061a72

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