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RP’s Gluten-free !FULL! Linguini A Fresh Take On Gluten-free !FULL! pasta

Made with cauliflower, this delicious pasta is gluten-free, grain-free, certified paleo friendly and low on the glycemic index. By incorporating cauliflower, this pasta has added nutrients like fiber, antioxidants, and vitamin C that will stand up to fork twirls and sauces aplenty.

RP’s Gluten-Free Linguini a fresh take on gluten-free pasta

BIONATURAEThis pasta contains potato and soy flour, which makes it a unique set of ingredients compared to the other gluten-free pasta. Bionaturae gluten-free pasta is delicious!

Blending 38 years of tradition with innovative Italian cooking, Il Tinello provides a rich experience that can only be matched by its delicious menu. The quality Italian ingredients, spectacular wine list and impeccable service showcase the restaurant's heritage, while the classy decoration brings new energy to every meal. The fresh home made pastas, regional ingredients and diverse wine list boast of what's to come, yet the classics and traditions continue to tempt. Never intimidating and always comfortable, Il Tinello delivers an experience that is perfect to celebrate your big day or every day. Il Tinello just opened a new location on 244 East 46th Street.

I live in the Lehigh Valley in Pennslvania. Giant grocery stores carry it. I think it is fairly new. Maybe if you ask your local grocery store they will get some? I think there are 3 box shapes (penne, elbow and one other shape) plus the spagetti. It is cheap compared to most other GF pastas and I am quite taken with it! By the way I totally agree that GF pasta goes from undercooked to overdone in a moment. Really suggest that you take it off while it is still feeling slightly underdone and toss with the sauce for a minute and that should finish off the cooklng process. That is how the Italians have always done it!

Keep Checking for Doneness. As you get close to the end of your estimated cooking time, taste the pasta. If it is done, it should have a nice al dente bite and taste like pasta. If it is undercooked, it will be too hard and chewy. Overcook it and your noodles will be limp and soggy. Note that once you decide the pasta is done, it will take you several seconds to turn off the burner, lift the pot and pour the contents into the colander. During this time, the pasta continues to cook, so begin testing for doneness 2 to 3 minutes before the end of the suggested cooking time.

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