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Mapa dels CU-XI actuals

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Intel Gma 965 Modded Drivers TOP

Another problem is that the driver can't pull the max out of the graphic board, and i'm using a modified drivers for like more than a year and i got no problem so far, but as you supose they are not completly optimized, and some have some bugs.

Intel Gma 965 Modded Drivers

For unexperienced users: these are not official drivers, use them at your own risk, just posting them here so Intel can get a little help on what to do to make a good driver as most on Intel 965 users want.

I'm aware of modded drivers for this platform that claim improved performance, but there are a few different packages out there and seemingly no real discussion of how they all stack up. All the websites I've found for these things are vaguely worded and nondescript as to what they actually do.

We also have RGH's modded driver from 2014, which has a super-confidence-inspiring disclaimer that starts with "THIS MODDED DRIVER'S HAS BEEN TESTED BEFORE I PUBLIC IT," and World of Incredible's driver from 2015 which looks OK at first glance, but isn't well described & is on a really shonky looking website.

The Nvidia Quadro FX 380M is a professional entry-level graphics card for mobile workstations. It is based on the GeForce 310M and therefore the 3D performance is not very good. Due to special drivers and optimizations, the performance for professional applications should be much better (than the 310M would perform). Another advantage are the certified drivers than ensure a good performance of professional applications without errors.

The NVIDIA Quadro FX 3500M was the top professional graphic solution for the mobile use in 2007. The Quadro FX 3500M is especially suitable for CAD, digital image-, video editing and scientifical visualizations (according NVIDIA). It is based upon the NVIDIA GeForce Go 7950GTX. Therefore also a good gaming performance can be expected (for 2007 and if modded drivers are used). The card is shipped with certified drivers for professional applications, which are not optimized for games (inofficially the manual installation of Forceware drivers should be possible).

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