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The Back To The Future Theme Tune ((BETTER))

The producers then turned their heads to Ray Parker Jr and, as he says, gave him a three-day deadline to produce a theme tune for Ghostbusters. No biggie. Nevertheless, Ray Parker Jr delivered against the odds and the producers loved what he had come up with (not to mention the rest of the world to follow). The song soared to unspeakable heights and became an enduring mainstay of 1980s pop culture and music.

The Back to the Future Theme Tune

Shifting the strategy for better results....The Back to the Future franchise didn't stop with the movies though. Instead, their strategy took a different turn as they saw opportunities for a theme park ride, anniversary dvd box-sets, video games, and more recently, a musical production.And this way of thinking can really apply to marketing. You may have seen success with a particular strategy, but the more you over-do it, the more people are going to switch off from what your brand is saying.Remember back in the day when popups used to dominate the internet and your desktop would look a little bit like this one below? This tactic is so overused and annoying for web users that ad-blockers have fast become a popular choice for many web users.

In Part 1, Marty travels back to the 1950's, in part 2 he jumps forward to 2015, and in part 3 he goes way back to 1885, so understandably each film has a very different theme.But what stays consistent throughout is:1. The characters2. The DeLorean3. The clock towerThis is storytelling at its best. Rather than creating a completely different story for every movie, each story intertwines with each other so that it stays familiar with the success of the first film, yet visits a different angle each time. This is what I believe separates the bad movie franchises from the good ones.If you think about other successful movies such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or Star Wars, they all follow the journey of the same series, rather than a separate story for each film.

Yet restoration inevitably looks backward, and there are risks to that. Republican language consultant Frank Luntz remembers a campaign he did for the National Council of Mayors where the theme was "Taking America Back." 041b061a72

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