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The text covers an array of issues related to women, gender, and sexuality. I appreciate a focus on the criminalization of women throughout different political movements (e.g., War on Drugs) as well as global national and global issues. I more

The text covers an array of issues related to women, gender, and sexuality. I appreciate a focus on the criminalization of women throughout different political movements (e.g., War on Drugs) as well as global national and global issues. I believe to further understand women, gender, and sexuality, the text could include a focus on place/space; specifically, the text could be more comprehensive with information pertaining to women, gender, and viewpoints on sexuality in rural areas--further dissecting differences based on geography.

While I do believe the organization makes sense, unit 4 is specific to gender and work in a global economy whereas the rest of the text speaks about women, gender, and sexuality from a broader context. Perhaps this unit would make more sense at the end of the text as more of a "special issue/topic" within the theme of the text. As a standalone unit, it seems specific given the nature of the text and possible use of the text.

I appreciate this text for use as a conversation-starter but feel it is short in nature and would require supplemental readings as well. If contributors were interested, I think this text could benefit from additional sub-topics related to women, gender, and sexuality.

I used this text in an Intro to WGSS class before I fully understood OER resources. I found it to be, as expected, a helpful textbook that got students oriented to concepts that we then covered more in depth in class. Now that I have participated in an (excellent) training on OER, I better understand how valuable this kind of textbook is, have a great appreciation for the chosen format, and am excited in the future to use it to support not just free textbooks for students, but actual open pedagogy and engagement with students to create a textbook that works for them and reflects them.

While the text is not necessarily insensitive or offensive, it is very specific to the US context with very limited engagement with the global south (even though it does focus on the global south). It does a good job in centering African American/Black feminisms - which is much much needed in most WGS textbooks. However, there is no engagement with Indigenous feminists and questions of settler colonialism and Indigenous decolonization. Furthermore, experiences and works of other women of color and immigrant women, specifically Chicana and Muslim women, are glaringly absent from the text. More generally, colonialism and imperialism needs to be centered more. Lastly, points around Brazilians not being considered Latinx in the US and experiences of Black folks in Brazil is not contextualized thoroughly and needs more complex engagement.

The text appears to cover necessary content for an introductory level course in women, gender, and sexuality studies. Key terms are embedded within the chapters and in bold font which makes them easily identifiable for the reader. Examples more

The text appears to cover necessary content for an introductory level course in women, gender, and sexuality studies. Key terms are embedded within the chapters and in bold font which makes them easily identifiable for the reader. Examples are then provided. The text begins with key terms and perspectives before moving on to inclusion and intersectionality and pluralities regarding identity, the impact of institutions and structures on identity, work and the economy - in the U.S. and abroad, and ends with historical and more recent social movements.

The text is distinctly more comprehensive in scope and content when contrasted to the unfortunately majority of current texts framed around gender studies. The text goes to great lengths to disrupt and unpack dominant discourses on gender and, importantly, integrates this approach into the writing itself (for example, the authors refer to an individual as 'female-assigned' rather than 'female,' which provides excellent modeling for students). Of note, and a distinction from many 'gender, sex, sexuality' readers, this text weaves in many of the socio-political implications of ideologies (for example, the prison industrial complex, multi-national corporations, etc) around gender and sexuality, rather than simply providing definitions or presenting gender, sex or sexuality as enclosed systems. While the text does a truly excellent job unpacking gender with multiple frameworks, sex essentialism across disciplines, and feminist histories, we see far less on sexuality to the degree that it is perhaps misleading to describe this text as an introduction to women, gender, sexuality studies. I would frame this book as extremely comprehensive with regard to contemporary gender studies and feminist studies, but as having, in contrast, very little content on critical sexuality studies.

The units in this textbook which explain concepts, terms and frameworks related to Gender and Sexuality are of immense value. However, if OER initiatives are aimed at cost-reduction not only for for students in the US, but also transnationally, then for students of 'Gender and Sexuality Studies' outside the US, this textbook would have limited value because the debates presented herein are predominantly US-centric. Even the last Unit which discusses "Historical and Contemporary Feminist Social Movements" , would have limited resonance for students in the Global South. Since OER initiatives also seek to provide cost-free textbooks globally, this is an important factor to bear in mind.

At you'll find over two million free ebooks (two million!!!!) curated by the University of Pennsylvania Library, and downloadable from various other US universities in PDF form. You can read them online in ebook format, so great for lazing around the house with a brew and an iPad.

Check out thousands of online classics of reference, literature and non-fiction at Bartleby, with a mission to "provides students, researchers and the intellectually curious with unlimited access to books and information on the web, free of charge." There are thousands to read online, but only selected works can be downloaded, as PDF.

Textbook costs create a financial burden on college students that impacts their academic success. Open textbooks lessen the burden of textbook costs. Open textbooks are full, real textbooks that are licensed to be freely used, edited, and distributed. A growing number of quality open textbooks are available for faculty to choose from.

The University Libraries publishes open textbooks through Publishing Services. Projects such as Open Textbook Library provide access to free, peer-reviewed textbooks covering a wide variety of subjects.

Adding another list of free books to our virtual library, we chose to include the topic of Leadership. With a selection of books on the subject, we present you with a whole compendium of the most important information on the subject.

We have chosen more than 25 books on Leadership in PDF format, in which you can find publications in Spanish and Portuguese so that you can choose in which language to read the information.Each and every one of the texts is in the public domain or was given for free distribution.When clicking, wait a few seconds for the content to loadHere we present our complete selection of Leadership books:1) Becoming a better leaderRoutledge & CRC Press

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Download Free of Cost Assignment for IGNOU Students. We did not charge anything for the study material/books. Candidates must note that there is also no registration needed for downloading the study material. Feel free to download this study material online in PDF format.

17. The disciples of Jesus Christ feel that they are involved with these questions; they too carry them within their hearts and wish to commit themselves, together with all men and women, to the quest for the truth and the meaning of life lived both as individual persons and as a society. They contribute to this quest by their generous witness to the free and extraordinary gift that humanity has received: God has spoken his Word to men and women throughout history; indeed he himself has entered history in order to enter into dialogue with humanity and to reveal to mankind his plan of salvation, justice and brotherhood. In Jesus Christ, his Son made man, God has freed us from sin and has shown us the path we are to walk and the goal towards which we are to strive.

205. It is from the inner wellspring of love that the values of truth, freedom and justice are born and grow. Human life in society is ordered, bears fruits of goodness and responds to human dignity when it is founded on truth; when it is lived in justice, that is, in the effective respect of rights and in the faithful carrying out of corresponding duties; when it is animated by selflessness, which makes the needs and requirements of others seem as one's own and intensifies the communion of spiritual values and the concern for material necessities; when it is brought about in the freedom that befits the dignity of men and women, prompted by their rational nature to accept responsibility for their actions[451]. These values constitute the pillars which give strength and consistency to the edifice of life and deeds: they are values that determine the quality of every social action and institution. 153554b96e

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